Nia Marniati Etie Fajari

Abstract. Archaeological research in Sei Sipei was motivated by residents report who found a number of ancient items in suroundings their dwellings. The artifacts consist of ceramic (pottery and porselen) fragments and coin which indicated past settlement. The study put forward issues related to the shape and distribution of archaeological data as well as the chronology of dwelling on the site. It aims to uncover ancient residential activity at the site Sei Sipei. The analysis results indicate that the occupancy at Sei Sipei depicts with activities of daily life that occurred during the 19th century on Dutch colonial period. Cultural layer is thin with the number of findings are less so the occupy was small or in short period. The enviroment had experienced massive damage as a result of land for residential development. Therefore, the site can not be maintained.

Keywords: settlement, river, Sei Sipei, Martapura

Source: Kindai Etam Vol. 1 No. 1 November 2015, p. 77-94
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