Abstract. This article is examined Dayaknese who have been dwelling at the eastern side of Meratus in the District of Hulu Kelumpang, Hampang, Kelumpang Barat, and Sungai Durian in the district of Kotabaru. They live in the valleys and river banks, in the far distance. Dayak Meratus quite unique because they speak Banjar. Most of them still follow ancestral beliefs, while some have embraced the new religion. This research was initiated on the question of how the concept of religious and traditional equipments of Dayak Meratus and its continuity with the prehistoric period. The purpose of this research is to create an ethnoarchaological research model which can be applied to the similar environmental and cultural system in accordance with the terms of analogy, as supporting data in analyzing and interpreting religious aspect from the findings of prehistoric sites in the Meratus region. The method used is descriptive comparative with ethnoarchaeological approach, while the collecting data technique is conducted by survey and interview. The results show that along the east side Meratus are dwelled some sub-tribes, such as Dayak Banjar, Dayak Meratus or Dayak Bukit, and Dayak Dusun. Those three sub-tribes have similar concept of religious and ceremonial equipments, so it can be generalized as Dayak Meratus. There is a continuity of the religious concept of Dayak Meratus with prehistoric belief, i.e. the concept of worship ancestral spirits and the use of burial gifts in funerals The most ceremonial equipments are made of leaves, wood and bamboo which are quickly destroyed, a few tools are made of metal and ceramic.

Keywords: religion, equipment, ceremony, Dayak Meratus, ethnoarchaeology

Source: Kindai Etam Vol. 1 No. 1 November 2015, p. 95-120
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